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Triple Entendre

The Good, The Gooder, and The Goodest.

25 December 1975
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Jesus! Mary! God!

When our powers united, we become Triple Entendre! Joined to save the world from humanity itself! To rid the universe of sin! We fight for all that is good, clean, and...

Mary: Oh, what the hell. Let's drop the act.
Jesus: ... but mother...
Mary: Shut the hell up.
God: HEY!! Don't make me come down there!
Mary: He started it!
Jesus: Did not!
God: That's it! I'm turning this heavenly area of peace around and we're going home!

Satan and Allah have wormed their way into this account, as well...

Satan: Are you think what I'm thinking, Allah?
Allah: Yes, if you're referring to that "Jesus" prick that we're going to "befriend"
Satan: Ah, I like the way you think! It's too hot down here, it's time for us to take over.
Allah: Yes, yes. WE WILL RULE THE WORLD! I can't stand it when God rips those stinky farts of his...

(Disclaimer: In case you can't tell, or are not too quick on the uptake, this is not God's journal. This is an RPG journal that I do for fun. I started it back in 2004 with a good friend, and I decided to "resurrect" it - no pun intended. Some of the mythology of the Catholic religion has been twisted around for humour purposes, and I thought it'd be humourous for them to be from the UK. If you are offended by this journal, I suggest you get a sense of humour. If humour isn't your forte, then I suggest that you don't read this.)